The Most Progressive Company

The company began its operations from Kathmandu in 2016 as Speed Logistic Pvt. Ltd, The company grew in the guidance of its founder  & Managing Director Mr. Suroj Maharjan, as an emerging transport company for transporting from India to Nepal.

We have offices in Kathmandu & All Borders since 2016, and transport over 200 MT of goods per day from Indiato Nepal. Keeping in view the difficult terrain of the country, its population and economy, this significant number speaks volumes about the success of the company. More than the success,

manifestation of our commitment in providing excellent transportation services for a growing economy.

We are certified by INDIAN BANKERS ASSOCIATION which is mandatory to carry the materials dispatching under Letter of Credit.

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide the necessary financial substance to sustain the company and its employees and to meet our customers’ requirements through high quality service, cost control and the development of our human capital.


The SPEED LOGISTIC PVT LTD has seen stupendous progress and growth through the vision of its founder Mr. Suroj Maharjan . Our vision is to provide the widest variety of transportation, and clearing services to largest possible base of industries and traders in the India subcontinent.

Towards a Glowing Future

India’s economy is growing at a fast rate and this fact is being appreciated by the whole world. Strong attempts are being made at the central level to improve the trading relations between India and its neighboring countries. We appreciated this fact and pledge to expand our network, infrastructure, staff and services so that we become the locomotives of this historic and significant change that is waiting at our doorsteps.

SPEED LOGISTIC PVT LTD aspires to become the most reputed, trusted and most dynamic transportation service in the near future.

Leading Transport and Logistics Services

  • We have an experience of decades in providing multimodal transportation services. It is only the trust of the industries and traders that grew us into one of the most dominant forces in transportation industry in Nepal.
  • Our commitment and understanding of the business environment makes us well equipped to deliver the services according to the needs of our clients. At Speed Logistic Pvt Ltd, we believe that respecting the property of the clients, strict adherence to the safety norms and punctuality are the three basics of the success of a transportation company.
  • Our wide range of services includes transportation services from all modes of transportation. Besides this, we also provide full logistics support to our clients.
  • Our dense presence in the two neighboring countries allows us to provide the best transportation between India and Nepal.
  •   Having established ourselves as one of the most significant transportation in Nepal that poses a great number of geographical and socio-political challenges, we are best equipped in dealing with the widest variety of goods, routes and locations throughout India.
  •  Our expert staff and teams work under the guidance of our directors who have made their way through several challenges and Leaderships of the transportation industry.

Proactive Thought Leadership

We consistently hear from clients transitioning to us from other transport companies that the way Speed Logistic Team drives business by adding value and being engaged is unlike anything they have previously experienced. We strive to be seen as the most dynamic, reputed , trusted transportation and logistics company that provides excellent transportation services through its scientific approach, team work and dedication so that our clients achieve maximum success in their business and trade endeavors.

This proactive thinking and ownership over delivering profitable growth happens every day throughout our organization.

Speed Logistic Commitment

We are commited to be the leading logistic solutions provider to our customer. We continually improving & implementing a quality management to achieve it
to achieve it

Ranjit Kumar Nayak
Director Business Development
Speed Logistic Pvt. Ltd.

Board of Directors

Ranjit Kumar Nayak
Ranjit Kumar Nayak
Director, Business Development
Mr. Nayak comes with an experience of 15 years in the logistics & shipping industry. Prior to speed he was the country manager for Sical Supply Chain Solutions in Nepal. His expertise is heavy cargo handelling.
Rajan Jha
Rajan Jha
Director, Business Development
Mr. Jha comes with an experience of 7 years in the shipping & logistics business. His expertise in Indian Trucking business for Nepal & also project logistics. Prior to speed Mr. Jha was the BDM for Sical Supply Chain Solutions in Nepal.
Deban Giri
Deban Giri
Director, CFO
Suroj Maharjan
Suroj Maharjan